Welkom bij het Witte Paard Restaurant & Hotel in hartje Etten-Leur

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Delicious enjoyment at
Het Witte Paard

Tonight you were looking for comfort and coziness. You found it in Het Witte Paard, it felt like home. Satisfied and content, you lay in bed thinking back on this evening.

Tonight you were caught up, you could speak your mind and you heard your friends' stories. Tonight we told the stories and listened to your stories. Because with us, everything has a story. Every space and every moment - from café to restaurant. And you experience that. You feel that. From the first sip to the last bite.

In fact, our stories are not just about the past and do not consist only of words. We tell them with our dishes, when serving a new tripel, beautiful wine or taking coats. It doesn't matter whether you come alone, with your best friends, colleagues or the whole family. For a sumptuous dinner, a cozy feast or a listening ear. After tonight, you'll be fulfilled. Ready for the weekend, work or the next step. Ready for tomorrow.

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Cozy drinks in the
living room of Etten-Leur

Our café has traditionally been called the living room of Etten-Leur. To keep this in honor, we have kept the warm "living room" style during the recent renovation. With the horseshoe shaped bar as central point.

Come enjoy a drink at the bar or relax next to the built-in fireplace on one of the cozy corner benches. Our café offers a wide range of wines & beers. Our colleagues will be happy to help you make a suitable choice!

Taste the delicious dishes prepared with love. A picture-perfect plate that you may enjoy every day.
- Steven van Loon

Spend the night at the
most beautiful spot of Etten-Leur

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